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The following are some of the feedback we have received from our patients during the last year. If you have already visited our office we are eager to receive your feedback. Please follow the social network below to browse or add your own reviews.

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Lawrenceville Family Eyecare Staff and Dr Kazem Reviews
  • "During a contact lens fitting we provide all our patients with a free trial pair of lenses so we are sure they are comfortable with the contacts and are happy with their vision. The doctor will also see these lenses on your eyes on the one week follow up to ensure they are healthy for your eyes before releasing the prescription.
    Unfortunately, we never saw you back for the follow up and we have no way of knowing if these lenses are healthy for your eyes or whether you have been wearing the two week lenses for over six months." -Jason
  • We are very sorry that you broke your favorite glasses that you have been enjoying for the last two years. Our frames have a one year manufacturer warranty. The hinge on the temple was broken which cannot be repaired." -Rachelle
  • "My daughter and I have diabetes and get our eyes examined by Dr. Kazem every year. The quality of care, friendliness, and concern for patients of the doctor and staff is - exceptional." -Shirley
  • "Everybody is very friendly at the office from the receptionist to the optometrist." -Steve.
  • "I went to Dr. Kazem's office for a general eye exam. He dilated my eyes and found a malignant melanoma. His timely diagnosis not only saved my vision but my life." -Pamela.
  • "The quality of customer care and service was exceptional." -John.
  • "I had gone to another center for LASIK consultation and was horrified by the service and bed side manner of the doctor. Dr. Kazem thoroughly explained the procedure, referred me to the best surgeon, and took care of my follow up care. I was very impressed by Dr. Kazem and his staff. By the way I now have perfect 20/20 vision without the need for glasses or contacts." -Mary.
  • "I was told by other optometrists for years that because of my dry eyes and astigmatism and need for bifocals, I could not wear contacts. Dr. Kazem fit me with the latest bifocal toric contacts that feel great in my eyes and give me great near and distance vision. I will refer all my friends to you all." -Rachel.
  • "I had been suffering from dry eyes all my life. Dr. Kazem suggested putting punctual plugs in the corner of my eye to preserve my tears. It has been a miracle! My eyes feel great and I don't have to constantly use drops." -Tahir.
  • Lawrenceville Family Eyecare Eye Exam Dr Kazem Reviews
  • "I'm a mechanic and I'm getting metal and other stuff in my eyes all the time. Dr.Kazem has removed them from my eyes more than five times. I really appreciated it when once he saw me after hours to remove a piece of metal from my eye." -Jose.
  • "Dr. Kazem gets to know you and the visual problem you have at home and work. It's not a quick in and out visit." -Damir.
  • "Elvia is always great at working me in and the waiting time to get an appointment is never more that a few days." -Annie.
  • "The Saturday hours are very convenient for my busy schedule. Chandra went out of her way to determine my insurance benefits and correct my personal information with my insurance company." -Sarah

Letter Written by Patient About Dr. Kazem's Detection of an Ocular Melanoma in her Eye

Lawrenceville Family Eyecare - Gwinnett County

"The Brazilian lyricist and novelist, Paulo Coelho once quoted "No one can lie; no one can hide anything, when he looks directly into someone's eyes". Although this can be interpreted in many ways, a person's eyes can tell so much about them. Unfortunately, many of those in the medical profession including optometry have been forced to adapt to this ever changing and hurried world. They have less time to spend with their patients to really "see" what an individual's body is trying to say. However, there are those rare individuals that will take the time to really care for their patients and I believe Dr. Kazem is one of those people.

About 7 years ago I was being evaluated by Dr. Kazem for a routine eye exam. I wasn't having any vision problems; I simply wanted some updated glasses. Dr. Kazem took the time to dilate my eyes and during the exam he identified something in my left eye. Without causing alarm he simply informed me that he wanted me to be further evaluated by a retinal specialist. I never dreamed it would be such an important event in my life. I am thankful as he did with me; Dr. Kazem always takes time with each of his patients and believes that dilation is a very important part of the routine eye exam.

Dr. Kazem had identified a 3mm choroidal melanoma in the back of my left eye. My tumor was caught very early because this optometrist took that extra time to dilate my eyes and really exam them. Other than having blue eyes, I was a 35 year old female that really didn't "fit" the mold of an ocular melanoma patient, but Dr. Kazem wasn't trying to just help me obtain new glasses he was examining my complete eye health.

I did see the retinal specialist that Dr. Kazem referred me to and he in turn referred me to Dr. Shields at the Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia. These specialists were amazed that Dr. Kazem found this tumor due to its location in my eye. I was treated with plaque radiation and still have my eye, my vision and my life. There is no doubt that my outcome would have been very different and possibly fatal, if Dr. Kazem hadn't taken that extra time to dilate and observe my eyes and identify the abnormality.

I have been a registered nurse for over 25 years and never really knew how much our eyes can reveal about us. Honestly I had never heard of ocular melanoma until I was diagnosed. I am a strong advocate for complete routine eye exams......" -Cheryl Hook

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